ServicesAs a medical clinic and private academic research organization, we combine the strengths of clinical teams from universities and pharmaceutical companies to bring State-of-the-Art healthcare to our patients. In addition to designing and running academically driven studies, we make our expertise available to biopharmaceutical companies under flexible conditions ranging from standard fee-for-service agreements to collaborative research agreements.

Clinical Services

Treatment and care of patients suffering from metabolic diseases, obesity, diabetes and hypertension. 

24 hours ambulatory blood pressure testing available with on-site analysis.

Blood drawing for analysis.

Glycemia control counseling by experienced nurses. 

Clinical Research Services

Services are performed under ICH-GCP standard.

We are experienced in drug and in vitro diagnostic tests.

We have the capacity to integrate genomics and epigenomics in clinical trials.

Private recruitment site

With its private recruitment site, Medpharmgene has the ability to perform study procedures in a dedicated and fully private clinical research environment. As such Medpharmgene acts as a Site Monitoring Organization.

Specialized Clinical Research Services

Medpharmgene can act as a Contract Research Organization and provide a broad range of services from support for the development plan for a new drug or medical device, to study design and implementation. Medpharmgene also provide services in the area of medical communication, such as medical writing, public presentation, and publications.

Genomics and diagnostic tests clinical research

With regards to its history and experience, Medpharmgene can support a pharmaceutical or biotech company to ensure full pharmacogenomic coverage. Medpharmgene can perform the research required for the development and / or registration of diagnostic tests assessing clinical validity and clinical utility either on existing databases or by performing prospective clinical trials. - canadian online casinos