CARTaGENE platform, initiated by Claude Laberge and Bartha Maria Knoppers, is under the scientific direction Dr Anne-Monique Nuyt and Dr Sébastien Jacquemont. Philip Awadalla is the scientfic advisor, Daniel Gaudet is the scientific director of the biobank and Pavel Hamet is director, medical affairs.

Funded by Genome Canada, Genome Québec, and governments of Canada and Québec, CARTaGENE is an infrastructure for population genomics research including a random sample of 40,000 participants between 40-69 years (2% of the targeted population). Interviews were conducted using questionnaires covering clinical history and socio-economical environment. Physical measurements were performed and blood sampling has been completed in 20,000 participants in November 2010. Medpharmgene contributed to interviews and examinations of over 9,000 of those participants, managing a clinical staff of 62 nurses, interviewers and technicians.

CARTaGENE created a resource for the advancement of genetic research, with the aim of improving the health of Quebecers. It will contribute to the development of better diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention programs. This public resource is operated under a governance framework and consists of a databank and a biobank. The databank contains environmental, demographic and health data. The biobank contains DNA, blood and urine samples. Access to CARTaGENE is available to researchers who are seeking to better understand how genes interact with other genes, with the environment and with lifestyle factors. - canadian online casinos